Wedding Floral Design

If you read my about me, then you know that transparency is important to me. I understand that hiring a professional florist is a big investment, so I want to make sure you know exactly what you're getting and what your options are. I'm also going to break down my package options and the starting price for each. This definitely isn't an exhaustive list of what I can create for you, but this should give you an idea of pricing for most items.

Wedding Averages

Elopement Averages $250 | The elopement package provides you a bridal bouquet, a boutonniere, and a table centerpiece. Pickup only. 

Wedding Party average $525 | A bridal bouquet, four bridesmaids bouquets, and five boutonnieres. Pickup only. 

Elegant & Simple average $1500 | Includes wedding party flowers, reception table centerpieces, and ceremony arrangements. Pickup or delivery and setup may be added.


Full Service Weddings average $3000 | Full services weddings include more intricate designs such as arbor installs or garlands and require a delivery and setup team.

Al a Cart Pricing

  • Bridal Bouquets $150+

    • greenery only $100+

  • Bridesmaid Bouquets $75+

    • greenery only $50+

  • Boutonnieres $15+

  • Corsage $20+

  • Centerpieces $50+

  • Mason Jar Centerpieces $35+

  • Garlands $100 per 8' table

    • add flowers for $35 per table

  • Ceremony Arbors - only available with full service and delivery as they are designed on site.

    • Single Arrangement $100-300

    • Asymmetrical Partial $300+

    • Full Arbor $600+​

How I Price Designs

You may be surprised to hear that price isn't entirely dictated by the cost of your flowers. In fact, blooms and supplies account for about 40-50% of the cost of your bouquets and designs. There is a ton of time that goes into lovingly creating and delivering a wedding order, and that time is a big portion of what dictates pricing.  When I create my pricing I take into consideration the amount of flowers and foliage needed for each piece added with the amount of time it takes to create, including the prep work behind it. Here is a break down of the time for the average full-service wedding (and an example of your own time you won't have to spend by not doing it yourself).

  • 3-4 hours: Through the design and planning process

  • 1-2 hours: To order from the farms and wholesalers

  • 1 hour: Prepping my equipment and studio to receive and care for your flowers

  • 1-2 hours: Picking up your flowers the Wednesday before your wedding direct from the farms and wholesale

  • 6-8 hours: removing packaging, removing leaves, thorns and cleaning up stems, properly storing an average of 600 stems (sometimes well over 1000 for larger orders!) of each variety of flower and greenery properly

  • 8-12 hours: Arranging bouquets and centerpieces the days before your wedding

  • 3-4 hours: delivering your flowers, placing centerpieces, and installing arbor arrangements 

Overall for the average full service wedding, I spend between 23 and 33 hours to plan, care for, design, deliver, and install your wedding floral. Some events with larger quantities or more intricate arbor installs I can spend upwards of 40 hours or more. We have many days leading up to weddings of being in the studio prepping, designing and packing flowers for your wedding for 12 hours in one work day. When you hire a florist, you are not simply buying flowers. You are hiring our services and dedication to your wedding flowers so that you can spend time enjoying your wedding week and day.