Why It’s Worth It to Hire a Florist

When you’re planning a wedding, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by how many decisions you have to make and how much everything costs. It makes sense that more and more couples are turning to DIY weddings and creative solutions. So you may be wondering, “Can I do my own wedding flowers?”

Wedding florals may seem simple, especially if you just want a bouquet and a few accent arrangements. But there is so much more to flower arranging than meets the eye. A wedding florist understands the behind the scenes of flower arranging. Their knowledge and attention to detail can bring your wedding day vision to life.

With that in mind, here are a few reasons why it’s worth it to hire a florist.

1. Their Knowledge of Flower Types, Seasons, and Sources

Florists have worked with a wide range of flowers and are passionate about their work. They’ll be able to easily identify flower types in your inspiration photos. And since they get to know the local flower farms and what blooms each season, they’ll also be able to recommend the flowers and foliage that work with your wedding date and budget. Their knowledge of what is in season and where to find it will save time and money when it comes to the floral arrangements for your wedding.

2. They Can Bring Your Wedding Vision to Life

A wedding florist will help bring your wedding vision to life. They have the understanding needed to look at your Pinterest board and help you break down what it is that you are envisioning and how to make it a reality within your budget. If you don’t have a clue where to start with wedding florals, or what is needed for your venue space, a florist will also be able to make suggestions and guide you through the process.

When I started reaching out to potential florists for my wedding, I had a vision in mind. But I had no idea what it would cost to make that a reality, and I was embarrassed to say what my budget was. I didn’t think it would be possible to have the look that I wanted, and I was struggling to decide between changing what I had envisioned and upping my price point. When I met with Emily, she understood the aesthetic I wanted, and how to use seasonal, local blooms to make it happen. She also did it within mybudget.

3. They Have Experience Creating Arrangements

When you see some of the wedding floral installations on Pinterest or at your friends’ weddings, a lot of time they look effortless. Flowers beautifully arranged to look like they were growing and blooming on top of a tree stump, greenery that looks like it is climbing up draped fabric, boho bouquets that look that they were casually thrown together. But they are designed to look effortless, so that you have no idea what is going on underneath or the work that went into them.

Larger installations may have a structural framework of chicken wire. Roses tucked into a wisteria-covered ceremony arbor need individual water sources to stay hydrated and in full bloom. Bouquets follow a recipe with what types of flowers, how many of each, and where to place them. So when you look at an arrangement that looks effortless and natural, chances are that a lot of planning, design, and work went into actually creating it. A florist will have the experience needed to create those arrangements and installations, all while keeping them in place and hydrated.

4. It Will Save You Time

Because of the nature of flowers, the cutting and arranging of your blooms will need to be done very close to your wedding date. Floral installations are done the day of! They are also incredibly time intensive. That’s time that you will probably want to spend with your friends, family, and fiancé. Hiring a florist means you have more time to focus on what’s truly important to you on your wedding day.

5. It’s One Less Thing to Stress About

It also means less stress. Professional florists are equipped to transport your flowers, design and install floral installations, and set up arrangements at the venue. They can also deal with all sorts of last-minute changes, saving you from worrying about the particulars. One of the best feelings on my wedding day was walking into the venue and seeing my vision already brought to life by an incredible team of vendors (especially an incredible florist!). I had no stress on the day of my wedding because I knew I had hired the right people to bring it all together.

Paeonia Pines helped make my dreamy, romantic wedding vision a reality. Emily is an incredible florist and designer who loves working with each of her couples. It’s super easy to reach out and start a conversation about what you have envisioned, and how she can make it happen.