The Story Behind the Blooms

For the entire existence of my personal Pinterest account, there has been a board title “Flowers are my First Love.” I’m a stop and smell the roses kind of person. I intentionally seek out wildflower fields to adore and learn about the flowers that grow in a specific region. I literally stop on the side of the road to trim a few flowers to keep my house filled with beautiful blooms.

Every time one of my day of coordination couples was DIYing their flowers, I jumped on the opportunity to help. For each client in my beginning days that was struggling to make their vision come to life on their budget, I would offer to help make things happen by providing flowers. When friends were married I offered to provide flowers as a gift to them. I was always looking for an opportunity to work with flowers. Why did it take me so long to realize that floral designing was something I wanted to spend a lot of time doing? I’m not sure. But I’m grateful for the time, because I spent it practicing and learning and developing my style, which has blossomed into existence as Paeonia Pines.

Amanda Anne Photography |

My shelves are covered with floral design recipe books, books about local, seasonal flowers, wildflowers and how to grow flowers. My planning office slowly transformed into a floral studio. I took on assistant coordinators and lead coordinators to help me ensure I’m providing kick ass service to my planning clients while opening my time to allow room to create and do more. And then I took the plunge and created all the flowers for a handful of my weddings last year. This year I had a dozen floral weddings alongside 15 coordination events.

Now, you could say floral design is a big focus on my calendar for the coming year. I am leading my team through six full planning weddings next year, guiding and teaching them through leading their own, and opening my calendar to book 30+ floral weddings in 2019.

Over the next two years I will be experimenting with growing my own flowers and as we possibly transition to a property with lots of space, growing much of my own flowers for bouquets and wedding arrangements. I’ll be growing my relationships further with the local flower farmers to bring more of the beautiful bounty of our region to you, including the ability to purchase single bouquets weekly. And next week I will have an exciting addition to my business - a market cooler, which will allow me to offer better quality, fresh blooms to my clients and customers.

To say I am excited is an understatement. I feel I have found my stride and know that this work really fills my soul with joy. I hope that the designs I provide to you and the weddings I help create bring you just as much joy, if not more! Feel free to email or call today if you’d like to place a bouquet order or discuss an event or wedding design.