Greenery and Wildflowers at the Seattle Tennis Club

When Timur & Michelle approached me about creating their flowers, I go to know that they loved the outdoors, adventuring and being in the luscious greens of the Pacific Northwest. It was important to them to bring that into their Seattle wedding at the Seattle Tennis Club, a location that worked great for their family traveling to see their wedding but lacked the trees they loved.

Michelle's desire for bold wildflower colors was a unique piece that I was happy to create. Using seasonal flowers, that meant in early September bright colors are often pinks, oranges, and yellows which all complimented the blue bridesmaids dresses well.

Photos in this blog are provided by Salt & Pine.

My favorite part of this whole day, besides working with Simply Wed were the installations. Draping the chandeliers was a simple way to add more greenery inside the Tennis Club's ballroom. Even more exciting was the photo booth backdrop the couple asked me to create. We used a wood ceremony arbor I built last season as a frame to create a wall of greenery for their TM neon sign to hang on. It was totally rad.

There was one other place I got to be creative with an installation, and that was the ceremony. This ceremony backdrop started days in advance when I poured a concrete base and arranged willow branches in an asymmetrical arch pattern. Onsite I used my no floral foam methods to add greenery and flowers in their color story.

This was definitely one of my favorite weddings of the year. I went back at the end of the day to disassemble and remove my installation and rental pieces. It was so fun to see the party and the enjoyment of the couple, their friends and family.