A preview of the 2020 Cutting Garden

You wouldn't think there would be much going on in the winter in a garden, but this time is busy with planning for the garden, ordering seeds, and starting plants. This year I've added new garden beds to my plans to grow twice as much as I did last season. I plan to grow much of what I'll be using for my limited weddings this summer (2-3 per month) and have plenty for individual bouquet purchases and markets.

In the past, I focused on growing different varieties of flowers to expand my knowledge and experience in growing. This year, I have added a few new plants to try which I've never grown. I also focused heavily on color pallet. Not only did I want to make sure I was growing enough of the colors my brides and grooms want in their flowers, I wanted to create a warm, earthy color pallet for my market blooms. Something different than you've seen in a traditional flower growers farmer's market booth that will simply take your breath away. I know as I mapped out my garden bed, planned for how many plants of each I'll need to grow, and explored the possible varieties I repeatedly felt like I was in a dream.

My perennial garden beds are already full of a dozen rose plants, 7 peony plants, trees, shrubs and loads of herbs. Most of the space I have is dedicated to dahlias and annual flowers, ones that die every fall and must be started anew from seed every year. It's a months long process well before spring and summer begin. Right now in my office I have a quarter of my new plants already started under grow lights on shelves. Over the coming 6 weeks all the rest of the flowers which need to be started early will be added to these shelves and the new greenhouse outside. Many hours of manual labor will be put into preparing the garden beds for the new year, adding amendments, weeding, and breaking new ground. All this so I can provide you blooms in the form of wedding flowers, individual bouquet and arrangement orders, and Summer Bouquet Shares.

Without further ado, I present to you just some of the annual flower line up of two-thousand-twenty (photos are from the Floret Shop and Johnny's Select Seeds, where I purchased my seeds this season).